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About ME! Motivated and Empowered

ME! Motivated and Empowered was created from a personal journey that began for me on Tuesday, May 28, 2019. I was in a near fatal car accident that forever changed my life. I was hospitalized for 30 days, 17 days in ICU. I had to learn to breathe on my own, talk, and walk. With God’s amazing grace and healing power, I made it through. To God Be the Glory!

During this time, I used my healing time to reflect and grasp the true purpose God had for me. Throughout my adversity the two words that I would say helped me to develop the most were motivation and empowerment. I came to understand that if I want to achieve something I had to have the motivation each day to walk and grow one step closer to my goal. Even when fatigue or pain came, there was some inner personal drive that kept pushing me into purpose. Empowerment was huge for me because it allowed me to recognize the power of God and see how he blessed me with the chance to impact change and have positive influence.  I could see how God was positioning me to be able to carry out the plans he had for me. It was at this point when ME! was created. It was perfect timing because I was in search of myself to determine what I was still here for and God revealed it through developing me. God helped me to think about my true purpose. All I know is that 

God gave me a second chance at life and there was no way I could not do all I can to help someone else.

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